Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting the Shot

How do you get them to smile? Stand them outside in their Sunday best and yell - smile!! Uh, oh. someone looks grumpy. Let's take a closer look.

Yikes. Total grouch face.

I had to bring in reinforcements - Bryan stood behind me and started to do silly things. See how Calvin is trying so hard not to react?

But he is no match for silly Dad faces.



  1. That's GREAT! I love the changes in Calvin. Kids are so predictable. I love your commentary.

  2. great pics!!! yes, i love the whole story behind it. it really is miraculous you got them all open-eyed and smiling!!!

  3. I can imagine Bryan's silly faces. He is pretty goofy when he wants to be.
    How does Sophie have a matching dress to her doll? I know you said you don't sew, so did you buy that or do you have a very talented friend or relative? I just love the dresses.

  4. The matching girl/doll dresses are from TJMaxx - where all good things come from. I bought it several years ago. I think it was about $14.99 or so.