Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have no one to watch this with. Sad. So, if you were sitting next to me by the computer, this is what I would say.

Evan and Randy -
Cute couple - love both of them.
Jazz - great - beautiful lines.
Jive - very fun, very energetic.

Melissa and Ade

I never remember him. I love her since the show started - she did not stand out to me in the auditions. She is beautiful, great hair and dimple - stop plucking your eyebrows so much!
Contemporary - my favorite number of the evening. Beautiful. The leaps were lovely.
Jazz – Really good. Could they have given her a less flattering outfit?!

Vitolio and Asuka
Why don't I like her? Is it the layer of cattiness, how she did not seem to be very nice to her partner in the auditions? Vitolio is charming and definitely has the most interesting back story coming into the competition.
Broadway - bleh. It was OK, but they don't seem comfortable with each other.
Waltz - Holy crap, she is THIN!! There are very few women who could pull off that dress! I thought the dance was very pretty, but they still come across as uncomfortable with each other - maybe because she told him she was not attracted to him – rude.

Kupono & Ashley
She is really cute - great eyes. I'm not sure why that is important. I like his quirky little to-do list, but this couple is not very memorable.

Jazz - Hello? Wade Robinson? Not my favorite number of his.
Hip-Hop - Meh.

Phillip and Jeanine -
I was kind of disappointed he quit last season, but I am glad to see he got some training and came back.
Hip Hop - Loved this though it reminded me a lot of last season’s dance with Chelsie and Mark. On a side note - how cute are Tabitha and Napoleon?
Tango - It was crappy. There was a lot of thudding and that dress made her look plump.

Max and Kayla -
I have a bit of a crush on Max. Kayla is a wonderful dancer and seems very sweet.
Samba - They nailed this number. The dress was a bit distracting and her make-up made her look a little wonky (kind of reminded me of Heidi Montag) - or maybe it was her teeth? Could Mary scream a little more?
Pop-Jazz- Funky. Kayla is very, very strong. Max was a little weaker - not as sharp. I worry about the judges praising her so much . . . could turn the audience away.

Brandon and Janette -
Love this couple. Both of their original auditions were amazing!
Foxtrot - Ususally a pretty dull dance – this was great.
Disco - HOT! Amazing lifts and they really worked the whole routine! What the */?# was Lil' C saying? Can anyone understand his ramblings?

Caitlin and Jason -
I loved Caitlin and her sister in the auditions and Jason doing MJ as a kid is adorable!
Bollywood - Very fun- her handstand was so strong.
Hip-Hop - It was OK - I'm not sure I loved the choreography.

Jonathan and Karla -
ChaCha - No no. The costumes were tacky and the dancing was horrid.

Contemporary - G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. One of my favorite songs - they really danced beautifully.


  1. Hey Stacey, I keep asking you, but you seem to never reply. So once again - would you please tell me your Etsy shop's address? I really want to check out what youhave there. Thanks.

    P.s. Sad that Max got voted out, I think he is a much better dancer than Kupono

  2. So sad about Max as well - I think he is the much better dancer. As for my etsy shop, it is not yet open and nothing is in it!!! Maybe soon.