Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Invite Samples

Here is a quick shot of a project I worked on last week - wedding invitation samples for my sister-in-law. They are having a fall wedding and these are some ideas I sent out to her. I love fall weddings - the colors are beautiful!


  1. Thanks for posting these! Molly keeps saying she's going to bring them over to show us, but she's forgotten twice already! I like the second from the top on the left, and then the top right, but I don't think the lace on the bottom of that one is Molly and John. The bottom left is pretty cute too. Isaac likes the middle one on the bottom. And we both really like the top middle one. These are all great! Stacey you're so talented! I know Molly is really happy that you're doing these for her.

  2. are so talented. My favorite is the bottom left!

  3. So far the third one down on the left is our most favorite! Ha, Rachael!!! John surprised us all! We have some tweaks that we'd like to make, but Johns parents finally saw them last night, so I had better get them to my parents! And we are going to have them less wordy. That was my idea to have them be that wordy, but apparently everyone is OK with traditional. AND since I gave the specifics to Stacey, some things have changed.... like the grooms name (JUST KIDDING!!!), like the fact that we will now be in the Sactuary instead of the Chapel. I must get with Stacey again soon!
    Stacey, you are truly so talented and we love them all. This is such a hard decision!!