Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Blooming

These were taken on Thursday of last week right before I left for the weekend - more on that soon. Do you notice how I only take close-ups of my flowers? I'm assuming you've figured out I do that so you can't see all of the weeds - at least I'm honest about giving you all the false impression that I have some beautifully landscaped yard!

Look at this attractive specimen. We have a lot of these .

It has been a very dry month and our yard is rather scorched. We just turned on the sprinklers yesterday and remembered the little problem we were having last season. Our yard has 12 zones and zone 12 likes to stay on the whole time the rest of the yard is being watered. Then, if I shut off the sprinklers, zone 12 still stays on. It may shut off for a few hours but it will randomly turn on all throughout the day and night. I literally have to shut off the water valve to get zone 12 to behave. Anyone know anything about apparently possessed sprinkler zones?

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  1. Your lilies are coming out way before mine!!! What's up with that? I always thought your flowers and stuff were just behind ours, apparently not. Anyway, your flowers look beautiful. And no worries about the weeds, I never weed either. Maybe once a year, that's it. I have no idea about your sprinklers, nobody around here uses those things. I never heard of sprinkler systems until I went to Utah. Too bad we can't send you some of our rain. It poured like Niagara Falls last Thursday and rained all through both evenings of my graduation.