Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer is Winding Down

Summer is Winding Down here in the Far North. The nights have become chilly and one needs a sweatshirt to sit through soccer games in the evening. I am feeling a bit cheated this year. School let out late, we had a full month of rain instead of spring and now school is starting again - next Tuesday!! What happened?!

I have been digging through the bubbles and sidewalk chalk, letting the kids use them up rather than finding a place to store such items during the long winter ahead. This is what the kids were up to on Monday. I kind of like the sidewalk paint. It is different and fun to use, the colors are VIVID, so they show up well, and one good rain like last night and all the mess is gone - well, except that mess that is on the kids and all over their clothes.

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