Monday, August 4, 2008

Grandparent's visit

Bryan's parents drove in (from Rochester, NY) for a short visit. They brought our nephew Gregory with them which made our kids completely happy! We so enjoyed having them stay at our house for a few days and then they moved over to David and Trisha's for a couple of nights before making the long drive home.

That's a rhubarb crumb cake from Bread for Breakfast on the table. We are still eating rhubarb from our "garden" - we only have rhubarb and mint really. I cannot get rid of the mint - it spreads like crazy and how much mint can one family use?!

Gregory wanted to see the zoo and the Mall of America so despite the July heat, we walked the 2-mile loop at the zoo and saw the new Russian grizzly coast exhibit as well as my favorite, the bird show. Because of the hot weather, all of the outside misters are on which was the kids favorite thing too see at the zoo! They were all completely soaked by the time we left.

At the MAll of America, all of the kids went on some of the rides in the 7 acre amusement park in the center of the mall. The three oldest braved the swing and the ferris wheel while the little ones rode the train. Max used to be completely afraid of rides, so I was glad to see him brave them with Gregory!

One of the nights they were in town, we have David and Trisha and the boys over for a BBQ. The kids ate outside on the deck together and generally made a mess and had a great time! They were particularly fond of the fudge bars - I love these photos of them!

Another night, we drove over to David and Trisha's house for dinner. It dawned on me as all of the cousins were playing, that Sophie was the only girl in the bunch. She brought some books and spent most of the time reading outside on the play yard!

I preferred to hold sweet little baby Matthew and watch So You Think You Can Dance on their clever TiVo. I want one, even though we do not have cable. I guess I'll stick to watching the You Tube clips!

Here is my attempt at getting a photo of all of the cousins in one spot. Guess who's kid was being the biggest twerp? This is seriously the best shot!


  1. The kids are so cute! I'm glad they had fun together. Greg called me while he was there and told me that he didn't want to leave, and when could we move to MN?! I laughed and told him he had to convince John. Thanks to you, Bryan, David, and Trisha for opening your homes to Greg. He had a blast!

  2. I love your 'twerp' - what a cutie! Well, actually, they are all adorable (really they are all such cute kids), and how cool that they all got to be together for a bit.

    The rhubarb cake looks pretty yummy too!

  3. Greg has no hair! I haven't seen him since before our vacation. Looks like the cousins had lots of fun together. And it sounds like mom and dad really enjoyed their time with you guys too. Poor Sophie will have to get to know Lindsay better, I think that's the closest girl cousin on this side of the family.

  4. Rachael, you and Isaac will have to come over for a BBQ or something soon! Greg's hair grows so fast though that he needs his back and sides shaved now, he is starting to look like a Q-Tip!