Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The ABC's of Maxwell Erickson

I was cleaning out the school pile (I realize school ended in June) and found this worksheet Max completed in computer lab.

A is for alphabet game. I like playing it. Most often in the car.
B is for Bryan. I love him. He's my Dad.
C is for Calvin. He is my little brother. He's three.
D is for Dads. Mine is the best of all. He's awesome.
E is for Erickson. That's my last name. I'm proud of it.
F is for Forrest. That's my middle name. I like it.
G is for gazelle. That's my favorite animal. It's interesting.
H is for the Harry Potter books. They're adventure books. I like them
I is for ice cream. I love ice cream.
J is for jaguar. I like Jaguars.
K is for kerosene. Kerosene is used for rocket fuel in Canada.
L is for lemons. I ate a lemon candy stick today.
M is for Maxwell. That's my name.
N is for nil. That was once zero.
O is for oranges. Dad juggles oranges for us.
P is for Paul. He's my uncle.
Q is for queens. They're high in War (the card game).
R is for reading. It's my favorite.
S is for Stacey. She's my Mom.
T is for TV. I like TV.
U is for umbrella. Umbrellas are useful.
V is for violin. I like music.
W is for watermelon. Watermelon tastes good.
X is for xylophone because it is the only thing I could think of.
Y is for yak. They are heavily muscled.
Z is for zebra. Zebras are cool.


  1. That's a pretty neat way to get to know Max better, what he's thinking. And don't worry, I just went through and threw away some school stuff from May!

  2. I like Max's dad too! It sounds like he is an awesome dad! And it is cool that he is so proud of his name! It's a good name to be proud of. I really enjoyed the ABC's of Max!