Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Reviews

I recently read and loved the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman. We finally bought the movie at Target and it is brilliant!! The movie is every bit as good as the book with perfect casting (look for Ricky Gervais , Mark Strong and Rupert Everett). I loved the humor (the dead brothers are a riot) and the movie has the best sword fight I have ever seen. Definitely worth seeing for the whole family (I'd give it a PG-13 rating).

Go and see Mama Mia with a group of your very best girlfriends. We saw it on our Twilight outing with 11 of us together and it was hysterical! I seriously wanted to climb into the screen (the shots of the Greek islands are gorgeous) and I had to restrain myself from singing along to every song! Meryl Streep was so good and her singing was really impressive (she stole the show). Pierce Brosnan is the only miscast in the film - he cannot hold a tune at all!

We had a large number of Pride and Prejudice fans in our group, so there was a collective sigh of "Mr. Darcy" as he came on screen. Here is a completely gratuitous shot of Colin Firth in my favorite all-time movie.


  1. I loved Mamma Mia!!! By far the most contagiously fun movie ever I think. Your review was right on the head. Meryl Streep was fabulous. The young girl was cute and had a good voice. And of course Greece, the scenery was gorgeous! That's been high on my list of places to go after seeing the first Traveling Pants movie a few years ago. Mamma Mia was better than I could have imagined, it did not disappoint!

  2. this is one of the only plays i've ever seen, which ended up being great... it's funny to think of ol' Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh