Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saturday Day of Spring and Bliss!

Last Saturday the temperature in this arctic wasteland we call home actually reached the 60's!!!!!! This was a one-day deal, in fact the forecast for the next three days is snow. Currently, it is sleeting. But, LAST Saturday was a different story - warm, beautiful, spring-like. We went to the park. It was kind of hysterical because everyone was in capris or shorts and sandles (including me), and yet there was still snow on the ground and the lake behind the park is still frozen. The kids spent every possible moment outside and who can blame them?!


  1. I think the weather is just crazy there. Honestly, I can't stand it. Even not being in it anymore it still bothers me. :) Ha ha! I remember last year at this time with my birthday a week away it was snowing and I was so mad and sad, I cried about it and now I can't imagine snow. I am instead dying of spring allergies. But at least it's warm here.

  2. You just keep saying it and maybe it will make it true! (You have been talking about the weather for about three months! Is is me, or is that SNOW on the ground?) I really envy you actually. It is low 70's here now, and the feeling in spring is like when it's Christmas Eve and you know tomorrow it's going to be all over, so even though it hasn't even happened yet, you're already depressed. You know what I mean? We're going to have about two weeks when it will climb from 70 to 115. The flowers just bloom and then burst into flames!

  3. The close up of Calvin is to die for. It needs a frame. I can't believe our baby boys are getting so grown up. I don't know how you havn't just packed up and moved with all the winter weather you've had! I love living somewhere with no snow to deal with!!