Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

Here is a cute shot Bryan took the other night of Calvin after he fell asleep. The little tiger he is holding is called Hobbes. So, when we had Calvin, not one person gave him a stuffed tiger. I was kind of surprised actually. We did not really name him after the cartoon character, but I expected at least one tiger.

We have several Calvin and Hobbes books around the house which both Max and Sophie enjoy reading. Somehow in the last couple of months, Calvin figured out that the little boy in the books is called Calvin and he decided that he is the Calvin in the books. Bryan gave him a stuffed tiger from Walgreen's and Calvin started calling it Hobbes.

Calvin will sit there with one of the comic books in his hands and point to Calvin and say - "look at me, I'm smiling or I'm eating" and then he'll point at Hobbes and say "look at Hobbes, he is jumping!" He even points to Calvin's mom and says "look at you mom! You are mad!" It's actually quite hysterical and yes, Hobbes is Calvin's favorite little companion these days.

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  1. That's adorable! I thought of Calvin & Hobbes when you named him, but never thought to give a tiger. Isaac was really surprised too that nobody ever gave him a tiger. Good thing Bryan finally fixed that. What a cutie!