Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Raining Worms

This past week flew by as our days were packed with commitments. I had rehearsal Tuesday night, Thursday night, a concert on Friday night in New Brighton, a rehearsal Saturday in Prior Lake and a concert Saturday night in Prior Lake not to mention having to sing in RS on Sunday. In between those events, Max had his 2nd grade music program on Thursday night and Grandparents Day on Friday.

Since we had such a tiring week, the weather decided to make it just a bit worse by raining for several days straight and then turning to snow again! The rain brought the worms out by the dozen! As we were leaving the house in the pouring rain one morning, Max commented that "he hated the smell of rain because it smells like wet worms!"

Here are some photos of the kids Thursday night after Max's music program. Evidently, they had to stop and play with all of the worms before retiring for the evening.

Can you see all of them on the driveway?

Sophie is by far our biggest worm lover. She thinks they're "cute" and "wiggly!"
Calvin is much more cautious. He may poke a worm or two, but he'll freak out if you try and hand him one!


  1. Whenever it rains I always say it smells like worms and everyone thinks I'm crazy and tell me it just smells like rain!
    I'm not surprised about Sophie being a worm lover after her beetle friend last summer at the family picnic. She made the beetle kiss everyone. She cracks me up!

  2. Don't worry Rachael, I smell worms too! I too have a worm obsession. Dad was laughing at me when I was at his house gardening and I was picking out the worms and dangling them saying "wormies!". Now dad knows what John has to put up with at our house. After going to the Public Market at 4:45 am Saturday I came home and planted 108 new plants in the front garden alone! I came across a lot of "Wormies!" along the way and I was talking to them. Eventually John sent me in for a nap. :) Thank goodness!