Monday, April 21, 2008

Creme Brulee

Last Sunday Koo and her friend Adam came over for dinner - we had the missionaries as well. Koo was in charge of dessert so she made creme brulee. The recipe she used was from a Martha Stewart cookbook, but I could not find it on line. Adam had a lot of fun with the little kitchen torch which really impressed all of the kids.


  1. Oh YUM! I love creme brulee - it's one of my favorite desserts! So glad the weather is starting to warm up for you. We hit the high 80's here today and I thought about how good it felt and how I wish it would not get any warmer...but alas, it is April...this summer is going to be as miserable as a Minnesota winter! Talk about extremes!!

  2. That looks so good! We love creme brulee ice cream. But I'll have to try making the real thing sometime.