Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break?! It's not spring around here! It has been snowing all morning and we must have a good 4 inches outside by now. The kids had last week off from school and we spent most of the week reading, lounging around in our pajamas, watching movies and playing Pokemon cards (Max and Sophie, not me). We did venture out of doors a couple of times - once for a quick trip to the zoo. Alas, it was spring break and the place was packed!

I do not know why Calvin looks like a grouch in this photo.


  1. I love the matching outfits! Is that so you don't lose them in the crowd at the zoo?

  2. My kids adore going to the zoo but we've never attempted it in the snow. Yikes!

  3. Greg and I normally go to the zoo every year on his birthday in February. We always have a great time and it is not busy (which is great), we go inside different buildings when it's time to warm up! Looks like you had fun!