Saturday, January 26, 2008

Movie Reviews

We don't actually get to the movie theater very often, so the movies we see usually come from Netflicks. By the way, I love Netflicks!!! It has saved us much, much money in late fees and in stress from trying to find the time to watch a movie before it becomes overdue.

Nicholas Nickleby - Hmmm, did not translate so well to the screen. I don't really know how to rate this film. I enjoyed many of the supporting cast (Nathan Lane is fabulous!) and the uncle and the schoolmaster are both played really, really well, but the story just left me feeling a bit unsettled. Not my favorite Dicken's tale. Bryan thought the characters were too black and white. Either they were evil or they were saint-like and there was not much in-between.

By the way, this is the guy who plays the lead and there is a gratuitous scene where he is standing around in a open shirt for no reason I could detect except for the female audience to appreciate his dedication to sit-ups.
Lemony Snicket - Max read this series so I rented to movie to watch with the kids. The story is pretty dark and a bit scary - Sophie had to hide her head a couple of times. The filming is beautiful and the whole thing is well acted - how did they get Meryl Streep to take a role in this film?! Both Sophie and Max thought the baby was hysterical and Sophie has been quoting her all day! I would not rent it with young kids. Max said the movie was "out of order" and used parts of several of the books.

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