Monday, January 7, 2008

Max's Spelling List

The kids went back to school today and Max came home with another typically wacky spelling list.

1. delegitimize
2. delectation
3. degenerate
4. fajita
5. stagger bush
6. salol
7. synagogue
8. systematize
9. syzygy
10. resolution
11. hydrogen
12. Hawaii

I would like to point out that spell check is telling me that 4 of the above words are spelled wrong. They are not - no really, I just looked them all up on Max thinks it's hysterical that he knew that syzygy means three celestial bodies in alignment and I had never heard of the word. I told him that I could make a mean cheesecake, and he couldn't, so there.


  1. ok. what is the purpose of such ridiculous words at such a young age? I don't get it. is he in first or second grade? how about the kids just learn some of the words they actually use? crazies!

  2. It's really Max's fault! His teacher lets him choose his own words because he can already spell all of the 2nd grade words. I think he looks for the ones with the most "y's" and "z's"!

  3. ok then. i forgive his teacher. good boy!