Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Max's Spelling List

We had a week off from wacky spelling lists as last week, all of the kids had to learn to spell the days of the week. Evidently, Max's teacher is back to letting him choose random words out of the dictionary again this week.

1. transparent
2. synonyms
3. imprescriptable
4. impracticable
5. recombinant DNA
6. reconnaissance
7. recombination
8. spanakopita
9. January
10. February
11. March
12. April

I really appreciate the variation of purely scientific terms to Greek culinary dishes.


  1. I love spanokopita! I can hardly pronounce it or spell it, but it tastes great!

  2. most people should know how to spell recombinant dna, I think. A valuable addition to any letter, story, or essay.