Friday, January 25, 2008

Crafty Girl - I scrapped!

I have not been taking very many photos lately. I suppose it is because it is so freakin' cold and I do not want to go outside more than absolutely necessary! I'll try and take some photos of SOMETHING this weekend so I have a more interesting post for you soon!


  1. Those are about the coolest scrap pages I've ever seen! (besides the pressed flowers that we did in Brazil.) Good job! Did you really just say "freakin'?" You ARE a Utahn at heart!

  2. no photos needed; your scrapbook pages are amazing enough.

  3. p.s. luckily my sister "tivo-ed" northanger abbey and i just got it from her today. so i'll be watching it soon. and ignore my earlier pride and prejudice comments, i went to the website and they are showing the BBC production of pride and prejudice. wise choice, masterpiece theatre!