Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful Days #9 and #10

1. I am grateful for the weekend.  It was a long week for everyone and we need some quiet time together.

2. I am grateful for the Veterans - those in my family and those in my family of friends.  Thank you.

3. I am grateful for things that are making me laugh at work.  This last week I found a digital file for a patients dog.  Yes,a DOG.  The dog had never been seen as a dental patient, but was linked as family member on a patients account.  It was funny to deactivate a file and list the reason as "canine".

4. I am grateful for safe kids.  Max had to babysit a lot this week as the kids had a couple of days off from school.  It made my stomach hurt to not be home with the kids on their vacation days (Heather is in Utah), but being both a working Mom and a single parent requires sacrifices from all of us.  They did a lot of reading and playing on the computer and ipad and I left a stack of Redbox movies to help pass the time.  Absolute biggest downside about working outside the home?  Missing my kids.

5. I am grateful for my smart phone.  I am not sure how I ever lived without it.  I'm not sure I could name my favorite feature: the camera, the GPS, ability to check email or find the closest Thai Restaurant with great reviews, the Gas App that shows me the cheapest gas station closest to my current location, all of the amazing kids educational Apps . . . . I love my phone.

6. I am grateful for the gorgeous red leaves that fall on my car every night.  The colors are still really beautiful here.

7. I am grateful for my commute home.  I usually use the time to pop in my headphones and catch up with a friend while I drive.  I love my friends.  On the drive to work in the morning I listen to NPR and apply make-up at the stop lights (Mom, you did not hear that).

8. I am grateful for the last book in the Eragon series (Inheritance).  Both Max and Sophie jumped for joy when I brought all 850 pages home from Costco.  That will keep them busy for a day or two.

9.  I am grateful for free episodes of Modern Family on Hulu.  It is the only way I see any TV these days which is OK.

10. I am grateful for free upgrades at Jamba Juice on Thursdays.  Yum! 


  1. I know you are extremely busy (and probably very stressed a lot of the time!), but I' m grateful that you still blog a little so we can keep up with you. And...I' m really happy for you that you found a job that seems to make you happy & challenged!

    Xoxoxo aunt Barb

  2. Thank you Barb! I am going to try and be better about blogging. We are very busy, but it is so wonderful to have a job!