Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Days #13 and #14

1. I am grateful for my day off on Monday.  It gave me the chance to drive the kids to school and pick them all up, spend an hour getting a lovely pedicure, spend some time looking at rental homes and I spent  few hours painting at Heathers.

2.  I am thankful for family coming into town tomorrow for a very quick visit.  My sister in law Amber and her daughter Phoebe are  arriving late tomorrow night..  The kids are super excited too see their cousin!

3. I am grateful for hot cocoa.  My favorite home cocoa right now is Steven's Mint Truffle, but if you are in Portland, you must go to Cacao and order the drinking cocoa.  Divine.

4.  I am grateful Calvin seems to be feeling better.

5. I am grateful for the inexpensive little five week art course I found for Calvin.  He starts tomorrow and it is being taught at his school after classes.  He is thrilled.  Sophie is in a little after school choir once a week and Max is in chess club once a week.

6. I am grateful for kids who prefer Subway over McDonald's.

7. I am thankful for my wonderful parents who have submitted their mission papers and are waiting to receive their call!

8.  I am excited and thankful for the vacation home we are renting near Mount Hood for Thanksgiving weekend.  We have A LOT of family coming into town and I am excited to spend some relaxing time cooking, eating. hiking, napping and playing cards with the family.

9. I am thankful for bananas.  My kids eat them like monkeys - we go through at least 4 per day.  I actually always keep a bunch in the car for quick breakfasts on the way to school.  There is also a bin full of cereal and granola bars, crackers and turkey jerky in the car.  If we are ever stranded, we should be in good shape for a few days.

10.  I am grateful for technology that makes my life a little easier.

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