Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Day #8

1.  I spent a huge portion of my day today in the car.  I am grateful my so-not-cool but functional minivan is plugging along.  The bumper is trying really hard to fall off right now, but we are holding it together with duct tape and prayers.  I am grateful to not have a car payment and will drive this car until the engine falls out.

2.  I am grateful the Halloween candy is almost gone (and that I now work for a dentist).  I've had a sugar headache for a week and ate a bad peanut today in a package of Peanut M&Ms.  I may be scarred for life - it was that nasty.

3. I am grateful for the daylight as I commute to work in the mornings.  It just feels wrong to leave the house in the dark.

4. I am grateful for Mid-Singles FHE.  It is a whole new ballgame being a divorced mom in a new place (a story for another day) however, we have met some great people out here who we enjoying seeing at different events.  It is nice to have the chance to talk with other single moms and dads.   The kids love playing dodge-ball after the lesson.  Max is surprisingly good.  Sophie is the loudest screamer. 

5.  I am thankful for family gathering for Thanksgiving this year.  Amber and Phoebe are coming in for a short visit next week, Mom and Dad, Scott and Carmen, Matt and Erin and some of our Seattle relatives are coming into town the following week.  I cannot wait to see everyone! 

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