Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sauvie Island

This is one of the many wonderful spots close in to Portland where we like to sneak away for a day or an afternoon. Once the weather decided it might be amenable to warming up, we packed up a Sunday picnic and headed up to Sauvie Island after church.

Here's the trick to Sauvie Island, you want to go to the very end of the beach road. Pass the big huge stretches of beach at the beginning because it is always crowded with drunk people (although it is where the ice cream boat comes in the late summer months and the ice cream boat is awesome), pass by the nude beach (distract the kids as you go through that parking lot because evidently the parking lot is also clothing optional) and drive all the way down until you cannot drive any more and there is a small circular parking lot. This is the best beach. Quiet and clean and a lovely spot to spend a Sunday afternoon. don't forget to pick up a park pass and if it is not Sunday, milkshakes at the little convenience store on the beach road.

Peter was in town this week so he joined us - he also played with the kids in the water.  That water was cold!


The huge boats are amazing as they slowly roll down the river. The kids especially like to watch the waves they create as they get closer to shore.  This one looked like it was going to come really close to shore for a while and the kids looked a bit nervous.

This piece of wood provided a little boating for the afternoon.


 I'm not quite sure how this kid gets so sandy, but he sure had a great time.

Sauvie Island is also a great place to go to pick berries in the summer and in the fall, we came here to pick pumpkins.  It is a beautiful little place and only about 20-25 minutes from our house.

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