Monday, July 16, 2012

Rose Parade

On Saturday June 9th, 2012 we took the train downtown to watch the Rose Parade.  I was asked to volunteer this year for the Oregon State alumni office so we had great seats on the parade route.  I brought camp chairs downtown the night before and my friend Jenn got up at the crack of dawn to set them up for us.  Thanks Jenn!

Before the parade started, everyone played the streets and the volunteers made balloon animals, painted faces, applied tattoos, handed out snacks and basically just kept all of the kids entertained until the parade reached our area.  It was quite chilly that morning and many of us were wrapped in blankets (summer starts on July 5th in Oregon).

These are some of our LDS Single Adult friends here in Oregon - both the guys above are named Russ and the girl below next to Sophie is Jenn who works for the Oregon State Alumni Office.

Here is a shot of our volunteer group -all LDS Singles.

This is a shot of the street before the parade started.  We had balls and bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the kids as well.

 Calvin went though about 10 different balloon hats and shapes.

After the parade we walked down to the waterfront to see the ships for fleet week.

Heather and her family were with us as well.

This is another friend named Russ and his three kids.

There was an amusement park set up along the waterfront as well but we skipped it - expensive and just packed full of people.  It was a lovely day in Portland and a parade I would recommend seeing if you are ever in this area!


  1. I totally recognize Russ and I can't remember where from. It was before I was married though, and before he was married/had kids too. Weird. It has to be a BYU thing.

  2. Now I'm completely confused. I just saw an old BYU picture of Russ in the apartment of the girls that lived next door to me my sophomore year. But he also knows some friends of mine in Oregon (the Bowdens) that I met when I lived in France. I thought I remembered him speaking French too so that would fit. Who knows, but crazy?!

  3. He lives in Hillsboro now and is divorced with three kids - great guy. He speaks French fluently and lived in Switzerland for many years after he was married. He works for Intel.