Monday, August 1, 2011

In Which I Return

I know, I know. I have neglected this blog. Well, I'm back. I need to finish posting the last of my Minnesota photos because - hello?! - it's August. These were taken in June.

I am both lame and also just a little bit down in the dumps. I had myself a non festive pity party last night that has stretched into today. The truth is, I am struggling to find a good job and am missing my friends and my life in Minnesota. Though we love Oregon, it is beautiful and we are having a wonderful time exploring lots of new places, I miss having friends who know me and I can call to get together for a late night chat at Pardon My French. I miss everyone.

Big breath . . . .

OK, these are some photos from Calvin's graduation from kindergarten. He is adorable and was very proud of his paper hat and cool certificate. His class performed some cute songs with impressive choreography and it was just a lovely little day. I watched his graduation with two little daycare kids (and other one in his class!) so he had a little group cheering for him in the audience!

My little graduate.

Calvin was less than cooperative with the whole photo thing because it was HOT - as he demonstrates below!

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  1. congratulations to Calvin! (I completely understand how he feels about the heat! it has really been a hot summer so far. I think Minnesota has had a verry hot summer too.). Hopefully, it is at least a liitle better in th northwest.

    Xo aunt Barb