Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Selling Stuff

We had a LOT of stuff to sell in preparation for our move. Clearing out 50% of the items in our home meant not one but FIVE yard sales. Don't forget, I had an entire business to sell as well.

I could never have gotten through it all without the help of our ward. I had people lending me tables and hanging racks, the youth came to help with pricing and getting the yard ready for the move, my home teachers went through all of the tools in the garage and told me what to keep and priced the rest, friends came to help me transport everything over to a neighborhood sale one weekend, and lots and lots of friends came to help me run the sales or drop off dinner as I was also running the daycare simultaneously. A good portion of the daycare toys/puzzles/games were purchased by daycare families and I sold some of the larger items on craigslist.

I look back and cannot believe how much we accomplished in that last month. The sales brought in about $3,000.00 which turned out to be roughly half of the cost of the move to Oregon (2 PODS and storage for one month). It was a huge blessing to have so much help and I cannot say thank you enough to the members of the Eagan Ward and to our neighbors next door who helped me set up and take down about a half dozen times in the course of a month! I love you guys!

This is what kept the kids entertained during the yard sales. At first I had a small TV/VCR combo TV out there, but it sold along with all of our VHS movies (goodbye Disney collection). My neighbor Karen kindly brought over one of her TVs and a couple of videos for the kids to watch in the garage (out of the sun).

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