Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Day of School/Daycare Party!

Good thing I am finally posting these photos of the last day of school considering the first day of school is in a few weeks! Look at those happy faces up there - in Calvin's defense, it was freezing!

The kids each brought friends home from school and more friends from church stopped by for our traditional last day of school party. This year it was also my last day of daycare party AND my let's pack the first POD tonight party all in one! We usually call this event "welcome to summer" but it was a bit chilly though the kids were too excited to care by the time they got home from school.

Root beer floats, all sorts of sweet treats, bubbles, water balloons and silly string. So fun!

The party was a lot of fun and also very bittersweet for it was the last time we saw most of these wonderful friends. There were a lot of hugs and many tears. The party was on Thursday from 4-6, we loaded the first POD from 6-8, the second POD was loaded Saturday morning and by about 1:00 on Saturday, we were on the road to Oregon. Sniff.

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