Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tis The Season

Tis the season for big, bright bouquets of happy dandelions. They only last a day before wilting into a sad mess., but he children enthusiatically gather them every day as we walk home from school. I wonder if the neighbors are grateful for the chubby little legs running across thier lawns to pluck their "flowers"?

I love the little yellow noses - testament of someone still hoping they actually smell good.


  1. Beautiful bouquets! And I love that first picture of Calvin, so adorable.
    I spent Porter's whole nap on Saturday pulling those darn flowers out of the garden and then upon arriving home from church the next day noticed that my garden was covered in them again. How do they do that?! They are very frustrating.

  2. Love those "families" of flowers, as one of my children put it. Calvin looks so sweet. Even more, I wonder how the neighbors feel about my children gathering every "fuzzy" dandelion they see on a walk and blowing those silly parachutes all over creation in hopes of making a wish come true. They are probably bothered by the picking of the yellow ones less.