Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Flowers

We are still waiting for spring to really arrive. I am hopeful for warm sunshine and fresh spring air today. On Saturday I spent nine hours at the track. It rained. It blew. It was seriously miserable. The temperature hovered around 45. It took a long time to feel warm again after so many hours in the damp cold. I actually considered leaving the meets to go in search of warm boots as I could no longer feel my toes - in mid May. I keep reminding myself that we were spoiled last year with a warm early spring.

We have five more track meets this week including another nine hour Saturday marathon. This is the last week of track and I am not going to miss it. I signed the kids up for track to replace their normal soccer season which we can not do because of the move but it has proven to be a big time commitment and most of meets have been held in the freezing cold.

Less than a month until we move. Life is still flying by too quickly as there is much to do and many last minute adventures to have before we leave. I have the most organized and wonderful Visiting Teacher who I call my moving coordinator. She has been so helpful and the packing is getting done bit by bit as I continue to work and run around to the various end of school year activities.

I wanted to post these photos of the gorgeous flowers that have been brightening my kitchen since Mother's Day. They came delivered through the mail (!) - sweet, beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you.

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  1. Gorgeous flowers! Good luck on the move. You can do it! (Especially with such an organized V.T.) :o)