Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday (pretend I posted this on Friday)

Yesterday there was no school.

Yesterday I had 8 children here all day and another 2 who arrived in the afternoon.

Yesterday we made skulls out of pasta.

Yesterday Sophie discovered 101 tiny tadpoles in a puddle in the backyard.

The tadpoles may have come from this frog.

Yesterday I took 8 kids to the dentist for 2 hours. Only two of my own kids managed to get their teeth clean in that amount of time - which means I have to go back.

Yesterday my visiting teacher who is about to give birth at any second brought four pumpkin chip muffins to me. I did not share.

Yesterday there was dancing - and witchy hats.

Yesterday I realized that Sophie knows every word to Womanizer by Britney Spears.

Yesterday Calvin stayed in his Christmas pajamas all day. He also wore a juice pouch purse on his head for several hours.

Yesterday Calvin was invited to dinner by his primary teacher and his wife (I made him put on normal clothes before leaving). They went to Noodles and Calvin felt very special. They also brought back a pizza for Max who was babysitting for me.

Yesterday Max ate 3/4 of a cheese pizza all by himself!

Yesterday evening I was invited to a fall favorites swap by another single Mom. I made hot mushroom dip to share. I had the hot mushroom dip for dinner and came home with a homemade whole wheat garlic/rosemary foccacia. I want the recipe.

Today I'd like a nap.

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