Friday, October 29, 2010

Before and After

Little Sophie-Loo wanted hair as long as her friend Reagan. Reagan has very long hair. For years Sophie refused to get hers cut even though, like her Mother, her hair is very fine and very straight. Finally, with Halloween approaching, Sophie decided she needed to cut her hair for her Halloween costume. Now that's dedication.

Her hair does not usually look this cute. This was a Sunday morning and I curled her hair - which she hates.

Good-bye long hair!

I should also mention that I love having a little girl to dress. The darling red wool coat was a yard sale find at $1.00. The skirt is from Old Navy - on sale for $3.00. The shirt and socks are both from Gap (thank you Grandma Erickson!) and the boots, which I want in my size, are from Marshalls.

By Monday night, Sophie had a new look. I took her out for a Mommy/daughter date for the cut and dinner at Chipotle's. Sophie shares my love of guacamole which makes her the perfect date. She was soooo excited to show her new haircut to her classmates on Tuesday.

Little girls are awesome.


  1. I love Sophie's new hair cut!!! Her hair is really cute all curled for church, but wow, she looks very chic. Makes me want to go get a cut right now.
    And I love your guacamole recipe. I made it again recently and meant to tell you that it's my favorite! I would go to Chipotle with you and Sophie any day.

  2. Cute hair Sophie. Love the shots Stacey.

  3. Such a cute cut on Sophie! And great idea for the pumpkin pancakes. I may try that one this week; only at dinner-time!

  4. Too, too cute! She's is adorable!

    xoxoxo aunt Barb