Monday, June 28, 2010

Sexy Mommy Diet Round #2

Round two of our weight loss challenge started yesterday and we have some new participants!
Caroline is back for another round and this time, her sister Kelly (mother of three little ones and an ER doc - busy lady) is joining us. My sister Heather is back for round two and this time my other sister Kirstin (Koo is single and living in Portland, OR where she works in medical administration) is also participating. Also joining us this round, my good friend April (mother of four amazing children - we met my very fist year at BYU. She's awesome) and also my Mother, Mary (mother of 6, master gardener and very supportive Mom). And last but not least, beautiful Karen (also single and a friend from church) is joining us too.

We are all racing to lose 10 pounds again. Rules are the same - no fad diets, no diet pills just eating better and trying to exercise. We will be weighing in every Sunday.

Since we have several singles this time around, it has been requested that we re-name our program. Luscious Ladies Diet? Svelte Sisters Diet? Wow Women Diet ?
Do you have any any suggestions?

Photo above is a lunch option from this week. Frozen salmon burger pan seared and served spring salad and a whole wheat sandwich thin. For extra flavor, I mashed 1/2 an avocado with some salsa and spread it on the bun.

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