Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Drowning

Cyber Friends,

I have all sorts of crafts and recipes and photos to share, but soccer, end of school year stuff, daycare paperwork, a cake order for this weekend, watching a baby overnight from Monday through Saturday and preparing a lesson for Sunday have wiped me out. Cross your fingers that I can get everyone to nap at the same time tomorrow!

Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragements.

I'm telling you - take all photos from above. I'm going to start making people stand on a chair if they want to include me in a photo.


  1. Hope you get time to float and catch your breath. And your photo is awesome - I'm taking the hint and running with it!

  2. Beautiful picture of a very beautiful subject! Sending energy enhancing brain waves your way :)

  3. How is that calling going? COngrats on the pounds lost!

  4. Photos on a chair, LOL! I like that. I'm gonna try it next time!

  5. Haha, I do take pictures on a chair sometimes. It even works for better pictures of the baby, he's been sporting a double or triple chin lately.