Saturday, June 26, 2010

Juice Box Sailboats

On Tuesday we had juice boxes for lunch simply because I wanted to try this craft. Kelly's sister came over that morning and we walked over to the park with 15 children in the soaring heat. We packed a picnic lunch and lots of water bottles, but eventually the heat and humidity chased us all back indoors.

For this craft, you need an empty juice box per child, tape, business envelopes and a wooden pointed dowel (The kind you'd use for the BBQ).

From your envelope, cut out the shape of a sail.

Have each child decorate with markers.

Tape the edges of the envelope for more stability. We used printed packing tape on some and masking tape on others.

Tape the hole closed on the juice box and then stick the dowel through. Tape the sail onto the dowel.

Take outside, find some water and see if they float!

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