Sunday, July 6, 2008

Painted Turtles on Father's Day

We spent Father's Day at church and then had Kelly's family over for a BBQ, a hike through Lebanon Hills Park and then back to the house for dessert and games. It was a gorgeous day!

We have been blessed with wonderful fathers and wish we lived closer to them!! The kids love their Grandpas and we feel blessed to have them! We gave Bryan a hummingbird feeder for Father's Day and we had hummingbirds feeding from it just hours after we put it out!

The kids found a cool painted turtle on one of the paths. Sophie kept trying to feed it grass.

After the hike the kids decided to wrestle in the grass and then roll down the hill entwined in a big mass of flailing limbs. This idea ended as all such ideas end. Laugh, laugh, ha, ha, ha, BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM, many tears.

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  1. You can always count on the blood curdling scream, it's usually the only way my boys will actually stop rough housing!