Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Movie Review

My Kid Could Paint That is a documentary about a little girl names Marla Olmstead.
Marla started painting when she was two and sold her first painting at two for $250.00 when a family friend asked if he could hang her work in his coffee shop. The documentary is fascination because it asks so many questions about what is art? Is modern art's value intrinsically linked with the story of the artist?

There was a huge controversy about Marla when she suddenly became famous and 60 minutes came to her house and aired a scathing piece about there suspicions that Marla's Dad was "helping" her with her paintings. It is really interesting to see their family over the course of the year. The mother is so believable and comes across as incredibly honest on camera. The father is so nervous (perhaps because he is having to prove himself) and edgy that is is hard to know what really happened. The documentary leaves it up to the viewer, but now, all of Marla's works are filmed from start to finish and sold with a DVD. Marla is now 7, still painting and her works sell for thousands of dollars.

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  1. What a talented little girl. I remember hearing about her years ago. I would love to own one of her paintings. But alas I can't afford it, besides, I have my own little artist in the house and I'm sure he would do a painting like that for me. He gave me a beautiful Monet for Christmas that he did. I am so proud of his talent!