Monday, June 2, 2008

Koo's Graduation

I need to play catch up on the blog yet again . . . I find when I have company in town, that a lot of things slide - the blog being one of them, my weight being another! Mom is leaving tomorrow and Koo left on Saturday morning. We are all going to go into mourning as my only sibling has left us high and dry in the Midwest. I am already plotting which of my other siblings I can convince to move out here, but the prospects are dim.

Here are a couple of shots from Koo's graduation from The University of Minnesota. The ceremony was long and typical. Sophie leaned over about 15 minutes in and said "Mom, this is really boring". Not 10 minutes later she leaned over and whispered loudly "Mom, this is STILL boring!" She kept up this pattern for the entire ceremony.

The kids liked this guy with his "Lord of the Rings type thingy" he was holding.
Grandma Johnson waiting for Koo after the ceremony.
And now she is off to Oregon for a year long fellowship - Calvin suggested today that we could drive there to see her - on his tricycle!


  1. Congratulations to Koo!
    What did she get her degree in? and what will her fellowship study be in Oregon?

  2. sorry kirsten is moving away. it sure seemed like you guys had a lot of fun together. congrats to her, though.

  3. Koo got her Masters in Medical Administration and she is working at a hospital in Portland!

  4. Wow! that's really wonderful. An extra congratulations to Koo! I'm sure you will miss her and she'll miss you, too. Do you have any family in Portland?