Friday, June 13, 2008

It's That time of Year Again!!!

It's that time of year again - SOCCER season!! I know you have all missed kindergarten soccer, so here are some photos to get you started. Max is also playing this year which means we have soccer practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Fun for all. Really.

We always start with some important stretching.

Sophie has been working on her kicking technique.

It's getting there.
Ooops, uh . . . air ball.
This is some sort of secret code thing she is doing . . . or she's just tired and decided to rest for a bit.

Hmm, here I think she is trying to kick up a dust storm to confuse the other team. Or, she's distracted again.

Sophie LOVES soccer!


  1. I love the braid in Sophie's hair!! I just love french braiding little girls hair.

  2. Do you remember being able to bend your leg that far when you were her age?? I miss that!

    What a cutie she is!