Friday, June 13, 2008

2nd Grade Track and Field

Whew~! School's out and summer has officially begun. These last two week have been exhausting and I am trying to catch up on - well life really.

These are some photos from Max's track and field day. Despite the fact that this event is held in JUNE, I have yet to attend one that is not freezing cold. This was the case again this year though the kids did not seem to mind. In fact, several of them were in shorts! OK, so my kid was in shorts, but I did not TELL him to wear shorts. Here are some great action shots of the "tire pull".

This was my favorite event. The "loosen up your shoe and flick it up in the air and into a box" event. This one takes some serious talent.

Here is a close up of Max's technique.

Sophie even got in on the action on the sidelines!
But, most of the time, she and the other kids, sat around on their blanket eating stuff and trying to stay warm!
This lame event was called "make a pyramid with this stack of plastic cups". When the kids quickly got bored, they made them run laps. Clever.

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