Friday, September 18, 2009

A Thank You

My Grandma Johnson is in the process of selling her home of 40 years in Pocatello and moving into an assisted living center in Idaho Falls. It is a difficult process. There are so many memories and friends she is leaving behind, but it is a good decision. She is 87 and my parents and her daughter and husband live in Idaho Falls. Moving means considerable downsizing and when we were in Idaho in August and visiting her home, she asked what I would like to take back with me.

I chose these butterflies. I remember being fascinated with them as a little girl. I remember thinking that the big shiny blue one was my favorite. The butterflies were a gift to my Grandma from my Father upon his return from his mission to Brazil. I also served a mission to Brazil which makes them even more precious to me. I hope they inspire little Sophie as they hang on the wall in her pink room. Thank you Grandma.


  1. beautiful! Will you decorate my room please?

  2. I have butterfly trays from my mom's mission in Brazil. As I child, I LOVED looking at them too.