Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bowling Along

On Saturday I had three soccer games, one birthday party and one bowling event along with trips to the bank, Target, the library, TJMaxx (birthday gift), Michaels (Super Saturday supplies) and the grocery store. It was an all day in the car kind of day. Calvin is the child who had the bowling event with his soccer team. By the way, Calvin persists in his separate, not helpful soccer strategy - see below.

We have never been a bowling kind of family. I do not really know why, but I have never taken the kids bowling. Watching an entire roomful of 5 year olds bowl is a sight not to be missed. Calvin could barely carry the ball. He alternated between dropping it on the lane or heaving it overhead and chucking it like a basketball. The kids bowled at an average speed of about 3 miles an hour. Several times, the bowling staff had to go retrieve a ball that just stopped half way down the lane. It was really quite hysterical.

Maybe we'll have to become a bowling kind of family.

1 comment:

  1. I love all the soccer pictures of Calvin, they're always so funny!
    We were never really a bowling family either, we went less than a handful of times in my life, but I've taken Greg a couple times in the past few years and it's been really fun with him.