Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pick Me Up - Soccer Style

If you are ever in need of a quick, free pick me up, head out to the kindergarten soccer fields. Since I did not know at the time that Calvin was going to stay home one more year, I signed him up for fall soccer. He will now play kindergarten soccer twice and frankly, nothing could be cuter. He is on the Penguins team with smart purple uniforms.

The kids are hysterically funny as they try and run around the field and kick the ball simultaneously. Usually for Calvin this means having his tongue out of his mouth. There is no defense. There is a lot of clustering. There is no such thing as passing.

Someone kicking your special ball is reason to sit on the sidelines and sulk until the coach announces it's time to play sharks and minnows.

Soccer means playing with some of your best friends - like Luke here. Luke's official kindergarten soccer photo is priceless. I'll try and get a copy.

Calvin is still learning that soccer is a team sport.

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