Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fieldtrip - on Thursday

On Thursday, "Sanity Saver Marsha" stopped by to help with the children. We decided to go on a field trip to Lebanon Hills Nature Center. We took the .5 mile hike around the lake - a slow hike with all of those short little legs, but beautiful.

This is the view of our favorite little beach from the other side.

We ran into several painters - the kids were impressed.

They were more impressed with the size of this horse poop.

We threw a lot of rocks into the water . . .

. . . found a hollow tree . . .

. . . again with the rocks . . .

. . . and ended our trip at the nature center kids play area. The guy on staff fed the painted turtle for the kids and gave us all free apples from a local orchard.

Thank you Marsha!

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