Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pointy Needles and Bandaids

Yesterday morning I took all three kids in for the flu shot. I actually had to get two shots as a daycare provider. The nurse decided to give the shots from oldest to youngest. Turns out, this was not a good plan.

Sophie started screaming as soon as she saw the first needle. She kept screaming though both of my shots, Max's shot, her own shot and then continued screaming all the way through Calvin's shot. I had to physically hold down each and every kid. Perhaps having the children watch the shiny needle go into my arm was not the best strategy, nurse lady.

We have to go back in a month for H1N1 shots. That'll be fun.


  1. There supposed to have a special procedure room for the children with toys and things and each child should have gone separately. Not a good plan on that nurse's part. I'm sorry it was such a horrible experience for everyone! I had an older lady patient last week who screamed and moaned when I pulled some tegaderm tape off! So I guess it doesn't matter how old you are. Poor Sophie, hopefully she gets over her fear of needles.

  2. sounds you need a nurse like the one at our pediatrician's office. everyone calls her "cookie" and she can coax the most terrified kids into shots. my sister had a similar experience the last year when she took her kids for flu shots. her soon to be 8 yr. old daughter screamed through her brother's shot as well as her own. at least my sister only has 2 kids.