Friday, August 28, 2009


We had one short day in Yellowstone and half of America was there with us! The traffic was really awful as there were road closures in the park.

We started our visit with a long hike. Some of the kids loved it and some of them did not. Sophie was in her element as the hike was teaming with bugs and little treasures.

All of the kids begged to see Old Faithful, so we took another hike around the geyser basin and then settled in with ice cream to watch. They were all very impressed even though they has all been there many times before. The hot pots fascinate me and last time we came I picked up a book called Death in Yellowstone which records all of the stupid things people have done here - like dive into a hot pot after their dog!

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  1. The bug and the bones pictures are amazing, as are the gysers.

    I missed a family trip to Yellowstone in high school (erm, on purpose, I was "too cool" to be seen on a trip w/my family). Sadly, now twenty years later, I've never made it there yet. A choice I regret from my fickle youth.

    Glad you guys had fun! Love the picts.