Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Updates from the Road

I spoke with these little monkeys tonight. They are in Warland, WY, about 100 miles East of Yellowstone. Oh, I miss them!

According to their Grandparents, they had another good day of driving, the kids were all well behaved and Calvin took a long nap. Evidently poor Calvin was up a lot last night with coughing, runny nose and nightmares (sob!). I told Sophie to give him lots of kisses and snuggles from me. By the way, he has the most charming little dimple that I adore. See below.

They stopped at Mt. Rushmore today along with 6,000 bikers. There is some bike get-together going on and the lines for everything were very long. Tomorrow should be their last day of driving.

I spent the day with Gina and her two kids who came over to help wash walls and tape while I packed up the rest of the basement, bagged stuff for goodwill and washed the remaining toys and laundry. Before they left, this guy arrived, so there were kids in the house today to keep me company.

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