Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sand Storm

I just finished three hours of on-line training in Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid. I have another 4 hours hands-on training tomorrow. I think my butt is asleep.

These are some photos of our 2nd trip to the beach this summer, which really has not been a summer because it always feels like September. The kids love to be in the water. Max is a pretty decent swimmer and Sophie is trying hard. Calvin just likes to go out too deep and scare his Mom.

The kids and I met up with Kelly and her kids to sit in the sun and people-watch.

Kelly is a fellow lover of people watching. We had a long discussion on the high number of adults with tattoos (Kelly had just returned from the Dells). How many of them do you think regret that tacky dolphin on their ankle or the skulls on their backs? Why is every tattoo this ugly blue-grey color? Can't they do other colors? Do they just fade?


  1. When we were at the Dells we had the same conversations about tatoos. To funny!

  2. LOVE THESE PICS!... well except that bottom one... :)

  3. at the children's museum the other day, i saw a woman with a tattoo of a transformer holding a teddy bear on her arm. it was huge! i just had to wonder how soon she woud regret that. it seemed a bit of an odd choice to me.

    hope your butt is waking up from all that training.