Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowman Craft #5 (I'm done with winter crafts)

This is the last of the snowmen - I promise. I am sick of winter and we are moving on to brighter, happier, sunnier crafts.

Start by giving each child a piece of cardboard and have them paint it a dark color. I set out black, a little white and blue.

Be prepared for messy kids. I used to have smocks, but they fell apart.

Let paint dry. Give each child a piece of white paper and have them draw a snowman with a black marker. Give them another sheet of blue construction paper and have them cut out a circle - bigger than their snowman.

Cut out snowman and glue on blue circle.

Use hole punch to punch out a while bunch of white paper. Put dots of glue around the snowman.

This is too much glue.

Much better use of glue.

Stick white paper circles on the glue dots and then glue the blue circle to the black background.

Set out in the sun to dry!

PS - Is anyone else having serious issues with Blogger uploading photos? I have to load mine one at a time right now and even then, half of the time it does not work.

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