Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Venture for 2009

Edit: Thank you for the sales! I can make any of the sold items again, they just need 24 hours and a warm day (to prevent cracking) to dry.

I am slowly inching my way into crafty sales. After years of making fun crafty things, I've finally decided to try and sell some of them. I am in the process of opening a little shop with cards, clips and other trinkets, but in the meantime, I am going to list some items here to see if there is any interest in them.

These are scrabble tile and domino tile pendants. Each one comes on a 24" ball chain (which can be cut to a shorter length). The scrabble tile pendants are $6.00 each and the larger domino pendants are $8.00 each. Click on each image below for a closer look.

Valentine's Day domino tiles:

Easter scrabble tiles:

Fourth of July and patriotic pendants:

If you are interested in any of the pendants, please leave me a comment or call me (if you are local) and I will contact you, or a comment with an email address if you are not local. I can make more of any of the above designs and will add additional designs once the shop is up and running.

I will ship in the US - $2.00 for unlimited pendants.

Thank you for looking (does anyone read this blog?!) - I hope to have a shop up and running by next week. Wish me luck! By the way, what should I call my shop? Any clever ideas?


  1. I read it! And i will keep a close eye on great gifts to buy! Great job!!

  2. Stacey, that's great! I love your hearts with the pink and green--the funny thing is that I know exactly what scrapbook paper they came from, but I would never have thought to off-center the hearts--they look beautiful! I'm also thinking you should sell your valentines' ornaments!

  3. I check your blog, Stacey! I'm just amazed at everything you do! These pendants are really cute...I may have to order one for Jorgie...her birthday is coming up!