Sunday, August 19, 2007


Doesn't Calvin look excited to be leaving on vacation? We packed the car to the brim as we are staying in motels, B&B's, camping and staying with friends and family during this trip.

We are finally in a location with internet access and I am happily updating the blog a bit this morning! We are having a wonderful time on vacation - one week left!

We left on Saturday the 3rd and drove through Minnesota and into North Dakota. North Dakota is pretty darn flat with a lot of cows and a lot of hay bales. We wanted to get to Dickinson by early evening so we did not stop very much. At one point we let the kids out to play on the hay bales and stretch their legs.

We stayed at a hotel in Dickinson with a great pool and water slide and for the first time I can remember, we arrived early so the kids could actually spend a couple of hours in the pool and we were not arriving at 1:00 am exhausted.

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