Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bed and Breakfast or dog park?

I had a hard time finding a place to stay in Lewiston. The one hotel was booked, but I finally found us a spot in a B&B. We have stayed in several B&B's before, but never with children. However, the owners said it would be fine.

When we arrived, we found out the family bred English setters and had 18 dogs living at their house?! It was more like staying with friends who did not bother to clean up for your arrival than in a traditional B&B. The location is beautiful - they are a couple of miles off the main road. Our room was nice and clean and worked great for us, but to get parts of the upstairs we walked by loads of laundry and lots of signs of the dogs. Bryan went to put our cooler items in the freezer near our room and found it full of dead birds (these were hunting dogs) and the other freezer full of other types of game. I think a lot of the people who traditionally stay there are hunters. The owners were very nice and made a great kid-friendly breakfast the next morning.

Max, Sophie and Calvin thought the dogs were great and loved trying to find them and play with them. The puppies were a bit rambunctious and tended to jump and nip and at one point completely covered Calvin who had to be rescued by his dad.

Calvin under attack!
A very sad Calvin being rescued by his dad. He soon forgave those naughty puppies.

Right as we were leaving on Monday morning, we spotted a mother deer and her two babies standing in the woods near the road. She stood there for a long time while we watched until the fawns decided it was time to go.

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