Sunday, June 3, 2007

Going to the Zoo

On Saturday afternoon I loaded the kids and a picnic in the car and headed off to the Minneosta Zoo. It is only about 10 minutes from our house and we have been members for a couple of years. We only had time to walk around the 2 mile loop and to see the bird show this time. It has been really nice to go so often becasue we can recognize the changes going on at the zoo. Calvin loved the meerkats - he thought they were hysterical. Last year a 9 year old girl climbed up on the exhibit and reched down into the enclosure where one of the meerkats bit her. The girls parents did not want to make her take the rabies shots so the zoo had to put down all of the meerkats to have them tested (they were all negative). So, now the enclosure has big signs all over it warning that animals can bite and the walls have been made taller.

The tigers were actually active on Saturday and came right up to the glass for a walk. Sophie and Calvin thought this was amazing!! Sophie likes to read all of the tiger facts and they all have to climb on every statue they find!

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